Help your child to overcome reading and spelling problems and create a happier more confident child.

How frustrating is it for a child who knows a lot of information, but cannot communicate that through their writing. And how much testing today occurs in schools where children must show evidence of what they know – through reading and writing? Does your child fail at school because they cannot read, write information and spell it correctly? Yet you know they are smart and can do things. Does your child lose enthusiasm for school because others can read and spell and your child cannot? Reading and spelling failure is a huge area in our school and can attract bullying and negative behaviours.

Easy step-by-step activities to work with your child at home or in class

Fed up fighting with your child’s frustration and anxiety about reading and spelling?

  • Easy to use
  • Kids have fun while learning
  • Get back to the basics and learn how words work
  • Katrina’s reading and spelling program is skill-based, not age-based
  • Suitable for mums and dads, carers and teachers to use to help kids
  • Comes complete with DVDs to explain the program
  • You can keep in contact with Katrina about your child’s progress

You can email Katrina Walsh about the program and any difficulties your child is having.

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Some helpful information

How do you teach your child to read and spell when they have not been able to learn that at school?

Katrina has designed a specialised reading and spelling program covering problems with reading and spelling for children. It is made especially for parents to help with literacy development in children at home. It can also be used in classrooms with groups of children and one-one for individual support. The reading and spelling program covers both sound-out-able words and sight words. It helps with both sides of the process – the reading and spelling of words.

Reading and spelling difficulties, known as literacy difficulties, are one of the biggest problems our students are facing.

Our world is full of technology but learning difficulties and resistance to school will still occur if your child is having problems with reading and spelling. Different websites will say your child is probably dyslexic and then go on to say how many people are dyslexic. Dyslexia is an actual condition, but has so many features that it is impossible to design a one solution will fix-all way to help your child learn to read and spell. That is why parents need to identify what exactly is preventing their child from learning to read and spell. Speech Pathologists are trained to identify both language and phonemic awareness problems that children may be facing that are stopping them from progressing at school. There are special assessments that can be given to students that are standardised and have serious research backing their use.

reading and checking in the mirror

Speech Pathologists are not just about talking properly.

Reading, spelling and writing are communication skills and Speech Pathologists are the specialists in this area. Best of all, therapy is based again on extensive research, so every practise session your child will have is based on evidence, not a current trend or whim. The latest news “just discovered” on some websites is often not at all.

Speech Pathologists are also trained to identify other issues that might be contributing to reading and spelling failure.

Including knowing when to refer to Paediatricians, Optometrists or Psychologists, to name a few. Because there are so many factors that make up a reading and spelling problem, trying to put them all into one group called dyslexia and then use the same program for all kids will not address specific weaknesses and skills.

Using a Reading and Spelling Program like the Clever Cat Program will allow parents to zero in on specific skills their child needs.

Clever Cat focuses on both sounding out words and visually recognised words. It teaches the children how to link letters with the sounds they make and how to write them as well. It uses a series of structured games to enhance children’s reading, spelling and writing abilities with positive reinforcement and no negativity. How many children today think they are dumb because they cannot read and spell?

Dad reading to kids